Friday, April 27, 2012

The Importance of Data Management

Every time you create a business plan, one thing that important is the availability of data as a basic references. What is a data? Data is a facts about the object, person or entity. Data could be quantitative, and qualitative. Data is collected by personal or an agency and used by various types of users in different ways. Data realease by the institution becomes a serious concern for business. In general, the data is managed to follow a hierarchy of data consists of data elements, record, field and file.

Data that is collected then processed into information. Information is the result of analysis and synthesis of data. Information is data that has been organized in a suitable form to be used by the appropriate data users, such as for executives, analysts, managers, and sales person.

What is a data base? The database is a collection of integrated data, organized and stored in a tool and manner that allows re-extracted. Database consists of a minimum of one or several files. Database has been compiled with a certain systematics would be useful if someone wants to find information / details contained in the specified data.

The importance of the use of database for small business to enterprises. Currently each organization / company whether small, medium and big are using information systems to help its operations. For medium and large scale enterprises, they usually have to use an application based on a database, thus simplifying the search and utilization of information that belongs to. With financial support and the Information Technology division, the company is not difficult to develop its information systems.

Even small business can create and utilize database information system. The first step of a small company in making the database is to standardize on all existing data / raw data. Standards were included Identifier, Naming, Definition, Integrity Rule, and Usage Right. Then determine what type of DBMS applications are suitable for use in assisting the preparation and utilization of such data.

Popular DBMS applications that are available include the Microsoft Access or Open Source category of applications such as OpenOffice Base which can be obtained free of charge. These applications are used mostly by small businesses and medium companies. Once the database is complete, small-scale companies can use these applications to support operational activities.

The importance of data management for a company
Why data management is required by a company? Data management is important for a company because company must be able to monitor what happens on operations so can take faster and appropriate measures in case of problems. For example a quick sale to be followed by faster inventory management system. The finance department can also quickly calculate profit and loss and to assist management in determining whether to increase production, purchasing raw materials and so forth.

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Jordasche Kingston April 29, 2012 at 12:40 AM  

When you own your own business, or even if you are managing someone else's, data management is key! You don't want to be wasting time 'looking' for documents, and such. You should always know where everything is, and be able to access it with ease.

Ruby Badcoe September 4, 2012 at 7:52 PM  

An efficient data management is essential in running small and big businesses. It allows for efficiency, makes the process of tracking records more organized and more efficient. Having a data management can help you track files easily and retrieve customer records on time.

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