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Decision Support System

An information system with a decision support system (DSS) - based computers can help a person in improving their performance in decision making. A manager at a company can solve semi-structure problem, where the manager and the computer must work together as a team of problem solvers in solving problems. Decision Support System utilize the resources of individuals in intellect with the ability of computers to improve the quality of decisions. Decision Support System has been developed since 1970.

What is a decision support system?
Decision support systems definition
Decision Support System is a computer based system used to assist decision makers in order to solve complex problems that is impossible with manual calculations in a way through an interactive simulation where the data and model analysis as a main component. DSS - decision support system is a software product developed specifically to assist management in decision-making process.

As the name the purpose of decision support system is a second opinion or information source that can be used as a material consideration before an executive decides a particular policy. It supports the assessment of manager and it is not trying to replace them. It is also improve the effectiveness of a manager's decision-making rather than efficiency.

Here known the term of decision modeling, decision theory, and decision analysis which is essentially represent the problems and management facing every day into a quantitative form (eg in the form of mathematical models). The classic examples of problems in this field is linear programming, game's theory, transportation problem, inventory system, decision tree, and so forth. Of the many classical problems that are often encountered in activities of daily business, some can be easily simulated and solved by using a simple formulas. But there are many existing complex problems that it requires computer assistance.

Decision support system helps executive / decision makers compile useful information from raw data, documents, personal knowledge, and / or business models to identify and solve problems and make decisions.

The most often approach is done in the process of designing a DSS is to use an interactive simulation techniques, so in addition to attracting managers to use, this system is expected to represent real-world circumstances or actual business. Decision support systems used to collect data, analyze and shape the data that were collected, and take the right decisions or to develop strategies of analysis.

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