Wednesday, April 18, 2012

the Benefits of Decision Support System for a Company

Decision Support System (DSS) is a natural progression from information reporting systems and transaction processing system. DSS is interactive, computer-based information system that uses decision models, and specifically using a database to assist the decision making process for managers and end-user information generated in the form of periodic and special reports and output of mathematical models and expert systems.

Why DSS is used by a company? There are several reasons why companies use DSS application. Decision Support System in a company used to analyze a problem that happened in the company and then with a decision support system is searched for and made the best solution. DSS can provide many benefits for the company.

The potential benefits of enterprise using decision support system method include:
1. expand market share
2. makes it easy to get materials and services
3. cut marketing distribution channels, so the product becomes cheaper
4. reduce the cost of manufacture, processing, distribution, storage and retrieval of information by digitizing its processes
5. lower inventory with supply chain management facilities
6. help some small businesses compete with large companies

Already so many companies in various industries that rely on the tools, techniques and decision support modeling, to help them analyze and solve a variety of everyday business questions. Decision support system is dependent on the data, as the whole process of taking the entire data set available for analysis.

Devices, processes, and reporting methodologies based business intelligence is an example of important use in any decision support system, and provide data analysis, reporting and monitoring highly reliable of data to users.

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