Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Do not Underestimate the Competitor

News came earlier this year, Kodak - camera and film company of the United States 133 years old - which became pioneers of the camera and photo printing formally apply for bankruptcy protection.

The world stunned because Kodak is an important player and asset of photo history. Compliments of Kodak has never subsided. Kodak photo printing is always last long. However, the company was fun playing quality, and may forget the marketing, aggressive sales, and market surveys.

The fall of the Kodak and a number of companies from other brands really reminds us that idleness is the beginning of the fall. Not easy being the number one company in the world. Actually, if Kodak wants to survive, in theory, it is not difficult. As a giant corporate, it had funds for research, market surveys, marketing, sales, and promotions. Of some of these factors, there must be ignored by Kodak.

Of course not just Kodak which is wind up like this. There are many other giants which suffered for being late to react, or react but not effective. A number of airlines that are very famous now marginalized by the new airlines - a few number are from Asia. In the world has a lot of drama ups and downs of the corporate or entrepreneur. The point is, do not underestimate with the competitors. There is need quick reading of business situations, tactical plans, brave, and quick to make the best decisions.

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