Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Develop the Selling Skills

Articulate and lively, shiny shoes, a friendly smile and attitude of urgency, was no longer considered important in the art of selling. A salesman treats customer or prospective customer like a friend or brother, and listen more than talk. This sales technique seems to be more successful.

To succeed in business, it takes actually only one, the buyer or consumer. Technology, luxury building, management informations systems, and any other elements deemed necessary for a business it would be meaningless if nobody is willing to pay for products or services. Clearly, every effort should support the central theme: the consumer.
Now the question arises, how much of your knowledge about your customers? Why do they buy from you? And if you make the sales meeting as a means of information, or management can use it as an opportunity to get market information from the field?

In dealing with customers or potential customers, a salesperson should be a good listener and questioner, sensitive to the needs of others, understand well the products he sells, and more of an advisor who relaxed rather than busy workers. A salesman does not have to force yourself to sell a product to people who do not need it.

Emphasis here is more closely approach through building relations. Mutual trust, and long-term relationships rather than sell, and quickly. With such an approach, will be able to create a lasting customer.

How should be a good salesperson? This question can be answered with the revealing definition of a bad salesperson. A bad or poor salesman could not hear well and pay attention. Pressing others, talking continuous, attacked, and soon forgot the client after successfully selling its products. He/she is also too much more talk about the technical characteristics of the product rather than the advantages they can provide the products he sells. He did not understand who the target, not to set priorities and do not follow the strategy. A good salesperson is opposite of that.

Sales techniques
There are several approaches that should be mastered by salesperson.
Behavior approach technique, a method that emphasizes a behavioral approach, showing how a salesman in touch with people with different personalities. There are also techniques to communicate from the start of a salesman meeting to leave the consumer.

How to overcome three major obstacles often faced by a salesman - skepticism, mind, and the disregard of potential customers-if you find an perfunctory attitude towards the products you offer, then you should investigate because maybe he just did not know that in fact he needs your product.

Faced with skepticism, a salesman does not need arguments. We should appreciate his attitude and immediately divert the conversation to positive things. The main thing is the attitude of the capture rate signs of wanting to buy. A salesman who is 'ready', will have no difficulty capturing the desire signals to buy from a prospective customer.

A good salesperson should be able to put yourself in the client or customer side, ask questions and listen to good answers and try to explain enough. That way a prospective customer will be more open to give information about their needs and wants.

In marketing, there are some psychological barriers. Consumers have negative perceptions of some types of products that typically include a new product or new technology product.

Other perceptions could well as over be considered too high a price when a new product on the market. Perceptions such as these certainly are not easily 'fixed'. Marketers are required a greater role. The most important thing is how the attitude and personality in the face and deal with consumers.

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