Friday, January 27, 2012

Twitter Account which Should be Followed by a Businessman

Twitter has become a very popular social media. Used by school children, celebrities, athletes, politicians, cultural, economics and the business, whether it is already established as well as for the newly initiated business. The site is popular because they can obtain information and needs via twitter. Such promotions, discussions or just simply sharing personal information.

In addition, many websites that use twitter account to share current information about the content of the website. While others rely solely on twitter even as the main medium for distributing information - interesting information about its business.

Following several twitter accounts that should be followed by businessmen or those who have just started the business. These accounts share information each day - information about tips, tricks, and various other matters relating to business development. Maybe it can be a source of inspiration when running a business.

@ smallbiztrends
Anita Campbell, contributor of open forum shares advice, tips and tricks of business every day.

@ exectweets
This account has the support of Microsoft, provides a variety of links that lead to well-known articles that discuss the ins and outs of the business of the various layers. Starting from employees to the top management from various countries.

@ HarvardBiz
Presenting tips, business statistics, tricks and links that lead to interesting articles.

@ NYTSmallBiz
This account is designed for small businesses. Created by one of the New York Times contributor.

@ CFOwise
Accounts that are useful for small businesses. Created by an open forum contributor.

@ OPENForum
This account belongs to an open forum. Followed by the business community, because the content of the website is focused on business development issues through the use of internet technology. Every day they share business experiences, tips and tricks. Headline articles in the forum, always distributed via twitter account, so that visitors can look at what the most recent articles and the most preferred.

@ Ramit
This account is the the official account of the author of "I Teach You To Be Rich". This book won achievements as a bestseller book version of the New York Times. Owner of the account focuses on the topic how to change a hobby into something that could make money, it can also be applied to small business units.

@ BeyondThePedway
Provides a variety of success stories video footage obtained from interviews with entrepreneurs and business people.

@ StartupNation
This account is not only share tips and advice business, but they also often provide discounts, coupons and special offers to its followers!

@ Makeuseof
Provides instruction, demonstrations and the links that lead to exciting online software and devices, also software that can help business productivity.

@ McKQuarterly
Provides links that lead to internationally renowned business journal which is very useful for business development. On twitter, they usually present the key words that are discussed in the journal.

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