Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Brand Guidelines : The Importance of Company Branding

A brand is usually associated with the logo, sign, name, or other pics that consumers associate along with your product/ service and corporate identity. But in fact, brand also incorporates other factors, and encompasses those matchless characteristics that distinguish your product, and sets it apart from the competition. Brand also relates to the quality of your product, the way you do business, and the way you are perceived by others. Branding is all about establishing an identity, and becoming recognized for it.
Branding strategy is a key idea in promotion circles, as it is the pivotal springboard that can thrust your business forward. A well-defined and strong company brand will drive sales, build customer loyalty, generate brand value. It also will be the catalyst for business growth, as consumers will be motivated to buy your product / service.

There is no denying the importance of branding including the small business. Business branding is therefore important to any scale business, because it communicates information about your business and product to the market. It will -of course- influence the cost of your product, packaging, promotion and marketing strategies, distribution channels, and more. But all the costs it will pay off if the consumer is familiar with your products as good quality products.

Consumers are always willing to buy products / services they trust and know previously. A well defined brand gives you a competitive advantage in your niche market. It lets you charge more for your product / service, knowing that consumers will stay loyal, and buy it at the higher cost. That is the result of consistent reinforcing of the brand, which allows positive responses from consumers.

Branding also important to attract new customers. When a customer comes to you because of all they have heard about your product and business, then you can be definite that they are serious about purchasing. When you run branding and marketing campaigns, you are basically throwing out a wide net to attract a huge number of customers. From there your branding marketing guys spend time with those leads to find out who is serious. consumers came about due to a branding strategy that effectively communicated the solution the customer was looking for.

Brand design is an effective way to facilitate the growth of your business. When successfully implemented, branding can give you a strategic position in the market, and finally lead to increased profit. This is achieved because of the inflow of new customers, and the continuing support of existing customers. Branding builds brand loyalty and value, attracts new customers, and makes you different from the competitors. These are all key parts in ensuring the continued profitability of your business.

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