Friday, April 27, 2012

The Importance of Data Management

Every time you create a business plan, one thing that important is the availability of data as a basic references. What is a data? Data is a facts about the object, person or entity. Data could be quantitative, and qualitative. Data is collected by personal or an agency and used by various types of users in different ways. Data realease by the institution becomes a serious concern for business. In general, the data is managed to follow a hierarchy of data consists of data elements, record, field and file.

Data that is collected then processed into information. Information is the result of analysis and synthesis of data. Information is data that has been organized in a suitable form to be used by the appropriate data users, such as for executives, analysts, managers, and sales person.

What is a data base? The database is a collection of integrated data, organized and stored in a tool and manner that allows re-extracted. Database consists of a minimum of one or several files. Database has been compiled with a certain systematics would be useful if someone wants to find information / details contained in the specified data.

The importance of the use of database for small business to enterprises. Currently each organization / company whether small, medium and big are using information systems to help its operations. For medium and large scale enterprises, they usually have to use an application based on a database, thus simplifying the search and utilization of information that belongs to. With financial support and the Information Technology division, the company is not difficult to develop its information systems.

Even small business can create and utilize database information system. The first step of a small company in making the database is to standardize on all existing data / raw data. Standards were included Identifier, Naming, Definition, Integrity Rule, and Usage Right. Then determine what type of DBMS applications are suitable for use in assisting the preparation and utilization of such data.

Popular DBMS applications that are available include the Microsoft Access or Open Source category of applications such as OpenOffice Base which can be obtained free of charge. These applications are used mostly by small businesses and medium companies. Once the database is complete, small-scale companies can use these applications to support operational activities.

The importance of data management for a company
Why data management is required by a company? Data management is important for a company because company must be able to monitor what happens on operations so can take faster and appropriate measures in case of problems. For example a quick sale to be followed by faster inventory management system. The finance department can also quickly calculate profit and loss and to assist management in determining whether to increase production, purchasing raw materials and so forth.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

the Benefits of Decision Support System for a Company

Decision Support System (DSS) is a natural progression from information reporting systems and transaction processing system. DSS is interactive, computer-based information system that uses decision models, and specifically using a database to assist the decision making process for managers and end-user information generated in the form of periodic and special reports and output of mathematical models and expert systems.

Why DSS is used by a company? There are several reasons why companies use DSS application. Decision Support System in a company used to analyze a problem that happened in the company and then with a decision support system is searched for and made the best solution. DSS can provide many benefits for the company.

The potential benefits of enterprise using decision support system method include:
1. expand market share
2. makes it easy to get materials and services
3. cut marketing distribution channels, so the product becomes cheaper
4. reduce the cost of manufacture, processing, distribution, storage and retrieval of information by digitizing its processes
5. lower inventory with supply chain management facilities
6. help some small businesses compete with large companies

Already so many companies in various industries that rely on the tools, techniques and decision support modeling, to help them analyze and solve a variety of everyday business questions. Decision support system is dependent on the data, as the whole process of taking the entire data set available for analysis.

Devices, processes, and reporting methodologies based business intelligence is an example of important use in any decision support system, and provide data analysis, reporting and monitoring highly reliable of data to users.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Decision Support System

An information system with a decision support system (DSS) - based computers can help a person in improving their performance in decision making. A manager at a company can solve semi-structure problem, where the manager and the computer must work together as a team of problem solvers in solving problems. Decision Support System utilize the resources of individuals in intellect with the ability of computers to improve the quality of decisions. Decision Support System has been developed since 1970.

What is a decision support system?
Decision support systems definition
Decision Support System is a computer based system used to assist decision makers in order to solve complex problems that is impossible with manual calculations in a way through an interactive simulation where the data and model analysis as a main component. DSS - decision support system is a software product developed specifically to assist management in decision-making process.

As the name the purpose of decision support system is a second opinion or information source that can be used as a material consideration before an executive decides a particular policy. It supports the assessment of manager and it is not trying to replace them. It is also improve the effectiveness of a manager's decision-making rather than efficiency.

Here known the term of decision modeling, decision theory, and decision analysis which is essentially represent the problems and management facing every day into a quantitative form (eg in the form of mathematical models). The classic examples of problems in this field is linear programming, game's theory, transportation problem, inventory system, decision tree, and so forth. Of the many classical problems that are often encountered in activities of daily business, some can be easily simulated and solved by using a simple formulas. But there are many existing complex problems that it requires computer assistance.

Decision support system helps executive / decision makers compile useful information from raw data, documents, personal knowledge, and / or business models to identify and solve problems and make decisions.

The most often approach is done in the process of designing a DSS is to use an interactive simulation techniques, so in addition to attracting managers to use, this system is expected to represent real-world circumstances or actual business. Decision support systems used to collect data, analyze and shape the data that were collected, and take the right decisions or to develop strategies of analysis.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Online Business Tips for Beginners

Online business can be an option for a housewife who wants to have their own business at home. This choice is correct due to new business with not too much capital, online channels can reach a wider market. Choices the type of business to be brought online are so many.
Many success stories of those who have had an online business. The most important step is to conduct research on the internet how they who have been success are running their online business.

Here are some tips if you want to establish businesses that will be undertaken with the online.
1. Pick the goods or services that have a high demand from prospective buyers.

2. It is recommended to choose items that are not inventory
As a beginner, save a lot of stock at risk of losing money, because the goods are not necessarily purchased. Show some examples of items and pictures, then if one is interested you can buy them from your suppliers. As a beginner, this is one safe way to explore how much of a market on the value of an item.

3. Has a universal(global) market
It is better if you choose a product to be marketed, not just at the point of sale only locally but also overseas market sector needs. Internet can reach out to all corners of the world. So look for items that are also interested in overseas markets.

4. Higher margins earned
If we can sell on customer trust, serve wholeheartedly, honest and can define the product to be sold clearly then the buyer will come back to us. Customers will be loyal and not be concerned about a price if you can guarantee what the customer satisfaction itself. Customer satisfaction will make them to transact more and not so concerned about the price.

5. Starting from a minimum capital
With online sales system, then the cost of expenses such as space, staff, electricity, etc. will not make you dizzy because it requires a little capital. Start to create (or find) a unique product that can generate a large income. Then focus on its marketing strategy (site,promotion,publicity,ads,seo,etc).


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tips on Increasing Sales Turnover in the Midst of Competition

Imagine if you open a business in the mall -which is quite a lot of competitors- How to increase sales turnover in the middle of this very high competition?

One way to increase the turnover of the business is by adding unique value to what we offer. I know that in some fields, competition is so tight. Even with the tough competition we have a challenge to be more creative and innovative in offering our products to the buyer. And look for what could be added value to the products we sell.

In selling one unit of product, the buyer can compare with other stores so that they look for the cheapest prices. Approach by providing low prices can be done if we have a large capital. Price war will eventually make our business in a difficult position.

So we need something else to attract buyers and make them come back to buy products from us. The sale price may be similar to other stores, but that distinguish is the added value that we provide. Additional promo for the product will make buyers prefer to buy products that we sell than from the next door.

Make a difference with other stores and thus be an added value for our store. The added value could have provide additional benefits, such as providing a longer warranty, for example if another mobile phone shop just give 1 year warranty from the official warranty, we can provide an additional 3 months warranty, which warranty service from our store. Alternatively, if other stores can only served if the customer comes into the store, then we can make a difference by providing a FREE service delivery. Or give the money back guarantee as well if the phone is not in accordance with the customers want.

Include the value added in front of our store with a clear and interesting. But make sure that it is correct and you can keep them. Do not be like a fuel efficient car advertisements, which then sued by consumers because it does not fit between the ads with reality.

Another tip is if a buyer purchases a product, we can offer additional products (at a discount price) to provide an explanation for the benefits of the product purchased. For example if the person is buying a phone so we can offer a scratch-resistant, soft case, extra battery, card, pulses and other accessories at discounted prices. So that we get not only profit from its core product, but also the additional gains from the sale of additional products.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Develop the Selling Skills

Articulate and lively, shiny shoes, a friendly smile and attitude of urgency, was no longer considered important in the art of selling. A salesman treats customer or prospective customer like a friend or brother, and listen more than talk. This sales technique seems to be more successful.

To succeed in business, it takes actually only one, the buyer or consumer. Technology, luxury building, management informations systems, and any other elements deemed necessary for a business it would be meaningless if nobody is willing to pay for products or services. Clearly, every effort should support the central theme: the consumer.
Now the question arises, how much of your knowledge about your customers? Why do they buy from you? And if you make the sales meeting as a means of information, or management can use it as an opportunity to get market information from the field?

In dealing with customers or potential customers, a salesperson should be a good listener and questioner, sensitive to the needs of others, understand well the products he sells, and more of an advisor who relaxed rather than busy workers. A salesman does not have to force yourself to sell a product to people who do not need it.

Emphasis here is more closely approach through building relations. Mutual trust, and long-term relationships rather than sell, and quickly. With such an approach, will be able to create a lasting customer.

How should be a good salesperson? This question can be answered with the revealing definition of a bad salesperson. A bad or poor salesman could not hear well and pay attention. Pressing others, talking continuous, attacked, and soon forgot the client after successfully selling its products. He/she is also too much more talk about the technical characteristics of the product rather than the advantages they can provide the products he sells. He did not understand who the target, not to set priorities and do not follow the strategy. A good salesperson is opposite of that.

Sales techniques
There are several approaches that should be mastered by salesperson.
Behavior approach technique, a method that emphasizes a behavioral approach, showing how a salesman in touch with people with different personalities. There are also techniques to communicate from the start of a salesman meeting to leave the consumer.

How to overcome three major obstacles often faced by a salesman - skepticism, mind, and the disregard of potential customers-if you find an perfunctory attitude towards the products you offer, then you should investigate because maybe he just did not know that in fact he needs your product.

Faced with skepticism, a salesman does not need arguments. We should appreciate his attitude and immediately divert the conversation to positive things. The main thing is the attitude of the capture rate signs of wanting to buy. A salesman who is 'ready', will have no difficulty capturing the desire signals to buy from a prospective customer.

A good salesperson should be able to put yourself in the client or customer side, ask questions and listen to good answers and try to explain enough. That way a prospective customer will be more open to give information about their needs and wants.

In marketing, there are some psychological barriers. Consumers have negative perceptions of some types of products that typically include a new product or new technology product.

Other perceptions could well as over be considered too high a price when a new product on the market. Perceptions such as these certainly are not easily 'fixed'. Marketers are required a greater role. The most important thing is how the attitude and personality in the face and deal with consumers.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Do not Underestimate the Competitor

News came earlier this year, Kodak - camera and film company of the United States 133 years old - which became pioneers of the camera and photo printing formally apply for bankruptcy protection.

The world stunned because Kodak is an important player and asset of photo history. Compliments of Kodak has never subsided. Kodak photo printing is always last long. However, the company was fun playing quality, and may forget the marketing, aggressive sales, and market surveys.

The fall of the Kodak and a number of companies from other brands really reminds us that idleness is the beginning of the fall. Not easy being the number one company in the world. Actually, if Kodak wants to survive, in theory, it is not difficult. As a giant corporate, it had funds for research, market surveys, marketing, sales, and promotions. Of some of these factors, there must be ignored by Kodak.

Of course not just Kodak which is wind up like this. There are many other giants which suffered for being late to react, or react but not effective. A number of airlines that are very famous now marginalized by the new airlines - a few number are from Asia. In the world has a lot of drama ups and downs of the corporate or entrepreneur. The point is, do not underestimate with the competitors. There is need quick reading of business situations, tactical plans, brave, and quick to make the best decisions.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Branding Logo and Corporate Identity

Your brand is important! Even more important today, when consumers looking for the best product they could afford in all categories. For essential daily needs, a strong brand that provide a guarantee for consumers that they have purchased the best product. Strong brand can put you on the top list will be considered consumers. The success of brand builds confidence!

It's nice to have a well-known brand in the eyes of consumers. Although the brand was hit by the crisis, consumers still choose it. Strength of the brand owned can reduce consumer disappointment.
The brand image would be very helpful in marketing activities. Because, if a company has had the power of brand image then indirectly the product will do the marketing on its own.

Historical factors are important in building a brand. But not only the historical that is able to create a strong brand image. Apparently there are some marketing strategies related to the creation of brand image. Apparently there are some marketing strategies related to the creation of brand image. Among them can be created through the power of the variables service marketing mix. Such as product variable, if the product offered by the company has a good quality will indirectly be a brand image.

Likewise with the power of other variables such as, pricing, promotion models are used, the type of distribution channel, the process of delivering services, the presence the performance of a company employee, and the company commitment to the promise made to its customers.

The Importance of Logo
A good branding helps guide the public and users of a product. Although a very famous company, the logo is still important. A company including small business should have a special logo. Although the name is very well known company in the world, but it was not enough. The company needed a logo as identification. If not has a logo, it will be difficult for company branding.

A logo is a graphical presentation of the brand which will be representative of the company in the brains of the audience. When the audience face of a particular graphical form as a stimulus, the brain will give meaning through association with certain attributes. Association between graphic form with certain attributes that make this image, which if that graphic form (logo) is representative of a company. This is called a corporate image.

The relationship between a Logo with corporate identity
Corporate identity is what offered by the company. Corporate image is the audience perception of the proffered identity. A logo is part of a physical identity, so often called a visual identity. Visual identity is expected to give a universal meaning across geographic and cultural boundaries. A logo is expected to be a window to get into the the audience's perception. So designing a logo can no longer just imagination.

One of the principles in making a logo is Convey the right messages. A logo should be designed to convey a message that would communicate to the audience. The selection of meaning, color and shape should match the message you want to be communicated to the the audience. Because a logo can be interpreted as the big messages in a small space.

Logo changes may be required including the companies that you feel comfortable in its position. If there is a logo change, the people feel for a change. But implementation of changes to the logo is very expensive. So that the other aspects of corporate identity needs to change with changing the logo, and the most difficult is to change employee behaviors.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How to Sell on eBay

In these trying economic times, lots of people are looking for ways they can make ends meet. some are trying to build an online business. There are plenty of sites on the internet offering products and services to people all over the world. Plenty of e commerce sites, online stores and other platforms offer wide selection of products for every day use.

However, plenty of people like to sell their products on line because of the reason that it is obtainable to individuals who are sitting miles apart. There's various online stores such as eBay which can give you a chance to sell your items online. eBay is thought about to be most popular sites on the net which is obtainable to people from various parts of the world.
Many people have started an ebay business. In the event you are planning to be one of them and are wondering how to sell on ebay and have your own eBay business but unaware of how to sell on ebay, below are some of the steps about how to sell on eBay which you can follow and earn money from your home. Here are simple steps that will help you get on your way:

Step 1: Create an account
First of all, you have to create an account. The registration process is very simple and you have to provide basic information on the registration form. You could see the account information of other sellers so you can provide information which can attract more visitors.

Step 2: Research on eBay
You need to identify your market. Before you go ahead and dive in to eBay, take time to find out, among all the products you are interested in selling, which items sell and which do not. This is of the secrets of how to sell on ebay successfully. Do a small market research because this will be of help to you later on.

It is highly recommended that you must have complete information about how to sell on eBay. In order to do so, you ought to browse on this site and see what others are offering and what people are purchasing. This is of the most important steps on how to sell on eBay. You will come to know about the latest tends and preferences of people.

Check out the competition. Part of how to sell on ebay is to know as much about your competitors as feasible. You need to see what other sellers within your intended section are doing and get a feel of what their strategies are. Spot any flaws because those are the areas you can address. This is where you can beat them. Knowing how to sell on ebay gets simpler one time you are aware of your competitors.

Step 3: Find a product that you would want to sell
Find a supplier for the product that you are intending to sell. Look at over because you need to get the best rates. The secret of how to sell on ebay successfully is finding suppliers that can give you lovely deals so you can make a respectable profit. If the prices on ebay are higher than the prices of the supplier, you are well on your way.

Step 4: Create an effective listing
The most important step of how to sell on eBay is to generate lovely and impressive listing. You need to select the item which you need to sell. Make positive that the user must be able to understand about the products and the way it will benefit them. Plenty of sellers do not keep this important step of how to sell on eBay.

Describe your product shortly and crisply. The description should contain complete features of your product including its age, size, dimensions, working condition, color, features, etc. Never hide anything or add any feature extra that is not in your product.

Step 5: Upload Images
To make your product more impressive, you can add images of your product. Pictures have more impact on the mind of a visitor / your potential buyer. This is most effective way to attract people. Ebay allows you to load up to 3 images, so uploads its pictures from various angles.

Step 6: Provide payment options
People like to have various payment options. This is one of the most important tips about how to sell on eBay. Some of the options are credit card, PayPal, check and bank transfer. You can choose your own.

Step 7: Submitting the listing in the Gallery
One time you have submitted the listing in the gallery, a thumbnail image of your product will appear which is visible to the buyer.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

What Marketing Mistakes should Every Small Business Avoid?

You feel you've done marketing activities with the optimal, but the results have not been seen. Maybe you have one of the following seven mistakes in marketing. This is a list of the major mistakes that are often experienced by marketers.

1. Expects the customer coming self
One thought that often owned by marketers is to provide quality products and services then the customers will come by itself. This will not happen, unless your brand is already well known and have very loyal customers. Although your store is located in a strategic location, attractive shop display, have quality products and services that spectacular, but customers will not come as long as you do not do marketing well.

Create a unique value proposition to your target market. New products are always flooded the market, presenting a lot of choices to consumers. If you do not do marketing, consumer awareness of your products will increasingly fade with time, lost by awareness of competitors' products.

2. Have No Specific Target Markets
The second mistake that you believe that your products and services suitable for everyone. So, in your marketing activities are not targeted to a specific target market. Indeed, the company is not targeting a specific target market for fear of losing potential market segments. However, the result would not even catch the market value of products / services given to them.

Although you try to capture more market segments, focus on your primary target market. Prepare a unique value proposition for each segment of the potential market, so that they also see that you also provide value products.

3. Just imitates competitors' marketing strategy
The third mistake that marketers often get caught up to follow the marketing strategies of competitors. Competitors launched marketing strategy, which was then a huge success, so the marketers are tempted to do the same. In fact, your competitors may be larger, so if you are in direct competition with it, then your chances to win is small.

Do not follow a successful marketing strategy of the competitors away. There is a strategy that suits you, but there may be many differences. Aggregated and choose a strategy that suits your own conditions and needs. For example, invites competitors to a price war, let it go. You should focus more on value, not just price. Give the best value for consumers, by providing their needs and unfulfilled desires. Perform differentiation, and give reasons for customers to choose your product than competitors.

4. Less of Research and Testing
The fourth mistake is the inadequate research and testing before running the marketing activities. Marketing has been implemented, but in fact the results are not in accordance with expectations. So, before running the marketing activities previous research and testing should be done. Find out what the customer wants and needs. Perform due diligence before you make decisions related to marketing, whether it's price, supply, packaging, promotion, and others. Get feedback from your previous customers.

5. Regard Marketing as Expenses
Companies often look at marketing as an expense rather than investment. Marketing is not an essential part of business strategy. This is a fatal mistake. As a result, the company did not allocate enough resources to the field of marketing. Consequently receiving the money that goes into the company is also reduced.

Meanwhile, the marketing is different, because it would attract money into the company, not just spend the budget. Therefore, companies should allocate sufficient resources to marketing, so that marketing activities can be performed by optimal and contribute some revenue to the company.

6. Do not Know Customer Acquisition Cost
Another mistake is the case that management does not know exactly how much it costs to acquire a customer. Thus, there is no statistic that measures the customer lifetime value. In fact, this information is important for marketing decisions. By knowing the cost of customer acquisition and customer lifetime value, then you'll know how much you should invest in marketing.

Often companies invest more than the customer lifetime value, thus resulting in deteriorating financial condition. So, before doing the marketing activities, know first customer lifetime value of your potential customers.

7. Only focus on the acquisition of customers, not keep it
You must understand that your business can work well at this time are partly derived from existing customers, and the fraction of new customers. mistake that often happens is that marketers are focused solely on acquiring new customers, and forget about the existing customers. Relationship that has existed by existing customers are not supervised properly, but instead pursue new customers. Existing customers missing, while new customer acquisition costs are higher, as a result of unfavorable financially.


Monday, February 20, 2012

How to Increase Sales Turnover

In business, amount of sales turnover is very important. Because turnover is directly proportional to the profit gained. The bigger the turnover of sales means greater profits.
What is sales turnover? Sales turnover definition : calculation of the total of all sales of products / goods / services that you are selling in a particular period - before it's reduced cost of merchandise sold. Or, entire amount of goods of a company that has successfully sold to consumers which expressed in terms of money, so how much money that can be achieved within a certain time, before it's reduced by cost of goods sales.

The question is, how to increase sales turnover?
Usually businesses looking for great things that can trigger an increase in turnover in an instant. This strategy is not wrong, but often the increase in turnover came from the little things that may often be ignored, and that it could increase the sales turnover of long-term sustainable. Tips on increasing sales turnover:

1. Increase Prospects (Leads)
The way to multiply the prospect can be done with advertising, open new branches, spread brochure, following the exhibition, etc.

2. Expand Number of Conversions
Conversion is the number of prospects who ultimately buy your product. For example, from 1000 prospects coming into your store there are 250 people who buy. This means that your conversion is 25%. How to increase conversions? For example: provide the warranty, provide after-sales guarantee, free delivery, etc..

3. Evaluation of the selling price
What about the selling price of your product? Is it time to go up, fixed, or did it fall? You can judge from the development of your sales. Know the current ideal price by trying some of the options prices. That way, you will know the ideal price for your product. So you will be much easier to make follow-up strategy to increase your sales turnover.

4. Recognize your business prime time.
Business prime time means time when there is a lot of sales. In that time you must be optimize your sales performance eg by intensifying ads and marketing program. All the resources you have, must be focus fully on the prime time. Usually a spike in sales happen at Christmas, Valentine's, or new year, analyze your business prime time and prepare your products well in advance.

5. Customer database
If you have a customer database, look back and analyze what causes them to become your customers. You should also categorize consumers into a list of consumers. So you can make the appropriate marketing approach for each of these consumer lists.

6. Execute marketing strategy to increase turnover
To increase sales turnover, do not hesitate to execute the marketing strategy as with an irresistible offer. The form can be like giving a larger size products, discounts, or extend the use of the product. It could also give an interesting gift. Essentially, do not hesitate to run a marketing idea you want to do.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

the Benefits of Business Card

For an entrepreneur, business card has a very important function. Its form is just a small piece of paper, but the benefit is very large. Business cards contain your information so that clients more easily contact you when they need your products / services.

Functions of Business Card
Here are few functions of a business card

1. As the owner's card identity through the name, position, title, email address, web site, and phone number to call.
2. As a representative of company image and brand, and the existence of the company through a logo, company name, business address, and type of business.
3. As a data base of prospects that could be used at any time for business purposes.
4. As a means of supporting communication when the meeting took place.
5. As a medium to record additional information about date of birth, time and place while introduction, husband or wife's name, as well as other information.

The information in the Business Card
When creating business cards, there is some information that should be included are as follows : company logo, company name, personal name, Position in company, contact person, phone number, address, web and e-mail address (optional).

Ethics of Receiving and Giving Card
Using the business cards were not kidding. Receive and give business cards have rules.

Here are a few rules or ethics when you receive a business card from a relation or a new colleague.

1. Business cards are accepted with a two hand or right hand.
2. Pay attention and read the cards for a moment. Then if necessary, provide a brief comment about the information contained on the card. For example, its business field or how to spoken the name of the person.
3. If the card is received at meetings, lay it on the table to help you remember the name of the owner of the business card as well as to call him/her in the meeting - occasionally.
4. Note the local custom. Remember, do not write information on a business card if it is considered inappropriate.
5. Keep business card in your wallet or a special place of cards.

If you intend to give a business card, following its ethical.
1. Make sure the card is clean with no streaks or faded.
2. give respectfully with your right hand
3. Aim name or inscription on the card facing toward the conversational partner.
4. List the important information that needs to be communicated. For example, "This is my new office address, sir."

Business cards can also be a business opportunity for you.
This business is relatively easy and inexpensive so that it can be run by small businesses. Business card is fairly easy because it has available various software of business card templates that can simplify your work. In addition to easy to operate, business cards do not require too much capital. Some of the equipment should be prepared to open this business is very simple, such as follows.

business card template Software,
Paper, ink, and box or boxes business card,
a computer, and printer.


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Benefits of Management Information System for Business Development (2-end)

After yesterday posted about the tangible benefits of management information system, we continue with discuss the other advantages of management information systems : intangible benefit of sistem information management

Often the intangible benefits of sistem information management is the critical point in the course of business of a company's wheel. Because it is intangible, the following aspects are often overlooked or not detected.
1. Increased customer satisfaction
Good management information system will speed up the process so that, the time required to serve a customer can be faster.

2. Improved quantity and quality of information
Information is an important component of business today. Who controls the information would act more responsive to changes and trends in the future.

Application of good information system will certainly generate reports compilation of data that is managed by qualified and comprehensive database. This can be achieved for each of the reporting process is executed automatically by computer machines.

3. Improved quality and quantity management decisions
It is inevitable that any decision-making relies heavily on information that supports the policy to be taken. It can only be realized if information systems can provide information that is relevant, accurate, current and can be retrieved at any time

4. Improved quality and responsiveness number of the competitors' condition
Aspects of business intelligence is very important since a long time with a variety of formats and needs. To reach the point of rapid and appropriate response on the dynamics of the competition will require information systems that can collect, analyze and compile the information needed by decision makers in the company.

5. Improved operational efficiency and flexibility
All business owners would want these. The more efficient and flexibly an operational then this indicates the low cost to run it. This can be achieved due to cut the bureaucracy in the company after the implementation of good information systems.

6. Improved quality of internal and external communications
A good information system must be supported by electronic data communication network systems that are reliable as well. With the application of good information systems, each party both inside and outside the company can exchange information more effectively and efficiently.

7. Improved quality of planning
Planning is an essential process for businesses. However, any plan that will be made then of course needed the support of adequate information into practice. If not then the plan may be disoriented and did not reach its target because of mistake information into its base.

8. Improved quality control and supervision.
With the information system is built and maintained properly then any activity within the business environment can be constantly monitored. Monitoring is certainly an impact on improving control over every procedure and activities occurring within the company.

management information system is essential for business development. There are many benefits that can be obtained from the business owner application of information systems. To be able to keep compete with competitors will require a good and reliable management information systems. Information system importance in business.


Monday, January 30, 2012

Benefits of Management Information System for Business Development (1)

Current business era is an era where information flow is very vital role than the flow of goods. As great as any of a businessman and monopolize the flow of goods, it does not mean anything if he does not have accurate, current, easily accessible and controllable in the mastering its distribution.

Therefore it is one of the company assets of modern business is highly valuable information system that has a high response rate and focus on its users from all aspects.

Exactly how much importance and benefit of management information system for a business? Information systems are built well and correctly, among others, can increase productivity, reduce the stock of material production, eliminating activities that do not have the benefit (value added), improve service and customer satisfaction, coordinating every part in the enterprise and improve the quality of management policies.

While in general the benefits of management information systems can be categorized as tangible benefits and intangible benefits.

Tangible benefits
An information system is built and maintained properly will provide tangible benefits could be seen that in fact achieved its movement through the income and expenses incurred by the company.

Indicators of success / benefits that have an impact on revenue enhancement is the increased sales in existing markets and expansion into new markets.

A good information system can be used not only for the storage of electronic data alone but must be able to support the analysis required by management.

So with the support of good information system can be obtained then the information is accurate, reliable, current and easily accessible on the condition of the company's sales.

With the report presented by the rapid and can be accessed at any time that the decisions taken can be faster and precise on the existing market dynamics.

In terms of cost reduction can be done on reducing the amount of factual analysis of the human resources involved in the business, reducing operational costs such as supplies and overhead, the reduction of goods / material in warehouse stock, reduction of maintenance costs and providing equipment that is not too expensive

Examples of reduction of the number of human resources is in the process of recording financial transactions. If previously in the accounting process should be managed by five person with the implementation of the good accounting information system is done by one person enough.

This is due to the Accounting Information System which is integrated so any bookkeeping process can be processed directly from each of the relevant sections without having to go through the process of refilling the data.

Stacking material supply problems during the production is often burden of the company assets, with the implementation of supply chain management module in information systems developed greatly help solve the problem.

With the support of supply chain management then the Stacking stocks of material production can be reduced to a minimum. Where the company simply ordered to suppliers only when the inventory reaches the minimum limit.

Next post: intangible benefits of management information system


Friday, January 27, 2012

Twitter Account which Should be Followed by a Businessman

Twitter has become a very popular social media. Used by school children, celebrities, athletes, politicians, cultural, economics and the business, whether it is already established as well as for the newly initiated business. The site is popular because they can obtain information and needs via twitter. Such promotions, discussions or just simply sharing personal information.

In addition, many websites that use twitter account to share current information about the content of the website. While others rely solely on twitter even as the main medium for distributing information - interesting information about its business.

Following several twitter accounts that should be followed by businessmen or those who have just started the business. These accounts share information each day - information about tips, tricks, and various other matters relating to business development. Maybe it can be a source of inspiration when running a business.

@ smallbiztrends
Anita Campbell, contributor of open forum shares advice, tips and tricks of business every day.

@ exectweets
This account has the support of Microsoft, provides a variety of links that lead to well-known articles that discuss the ins and outs of the business of the various layers. Starting from employees to the top management from various countries.

@ HarvardBiz
Presenting tips, business statistics, tricks and links that lead to interesting articles.

@ NYTSmallBiz
This account is designed for small businesses. Created by one of the New York Times contributor.

@ CFOwise
Accounts that are useful for small businesses. Created by an open forum contributor.

@ OPENForum
This account belongs to an open forum. Followed by the business community, because the content of the website is focused on business development issues through the use of internet technology. Every day they share business experiences, tips and tricks. Headline articles in the forum, always distributed via twitter account, so that visitors can look at what the most recent articles and the most preferred.

@ Ramit
This account is the the official account of the author of "I Teach You To Be Rich". This book won achievements as a bestseller book version of the New York Times. Owner of the account focuses on the topic how to change a hobby into something that could make money, it can also be applied to small business units.

@ BeyondThePedway
Provides a variety of success stories video footage obtained from interviews with entrepreneurs and business people.

@ StartupNation
This account is not only share tips and advice business, but they also often provide discounts, coupons and special offers to its followers!

@ Makeuseof
Provides instruction, demonstrations and the links that lead to exciting online software and devices, also software that can help business productivity.

@ McKQuarterly
Provides links that lead to internationally renowned business journal which is very useful for business development. On twitter, they usually present the key words that are discussed in the journal.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Increasing Productivity with Management Information System

Information within a company can be likened to blood flow in the human body. Information is essential to support the continuity of growth of the company, so there is a reason that the information is necessary for a company. The main problem is that an enterprise's information systems are often too much information that is not useful or meaningful (too much data in the system). Understanding the basic concepts of information is very important in designing an effective information system (effective business system). Setting up the steps or method in providing quality information is the goal in designing the new system.

What is management information system? Management information system is an integrated set of part or entities that interact to accomplish a particulars function, objective or goal. Therefore it is a computer based method that provides information for decisions making on planning, controlling and organizing the operation of the sub-system of the firm and provides a synergistic organization in the process.

Management information system is described as a pyramid building in which the coating consists essentially of information, transaction description, annotation status, and so on. The next layer consists of the sources of information in support of day-to-day management operations. The third layer consists of resource information system to assist planning and tactical decision making for management control. Top layer consists of information resources to support planning and policy formulation by management level.

The part of an information system includes: a hardware which is used for input / output method and storage of information, program used to process information and also to instruct the hand ware part, databases which is the location in the system where all the organization information will be automated and procedures which is a set of documents that describe the structure of that management information system.

There are giant amount of information available for manager and this had therefore meant that managers are increasingly relying on management information technique to access the exploding information. Management information services helps manager to access correct, relevant, and up-to-date information which is the more definite way of making correct decisions. It also helps in automation and incorporation of research and management science techniques in to the general management information technique for example probability theory.

Based on this relevancy, management information method ought to be installed and upgraded in various organizations since today's managers need them to access information for management functions and managerial decision making.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Brand Guidelines : The Importance of Company Branding

A brand is usually associated with the logo, sign, name, or other pics that consumers associate along with your product/ service and corporate identity. But in fact, brand also incorporates other factors, and encompasses those matchless characteristics that distinguish your product, and sets it apart from the competition. Brand also relates to the quality of your product, the way you do business, and the way you are perceived by others. Branding is all about establishing an identity, and becoming recognized for it.
Branding strategy is a key idea in promotion circles, as it is the pivotal springboard that can thrust your business forward. A well-defined and strong company brand will drive sales, build customer loyalty, generate brand value. It also will be the catalyst for business growth, as consumers will be motivated to buy your product / service.

There is no denying the importance of branding including the small business. Business branding is therefore important to any scale business, because it communicates information about your business and product to the market. It will -of course- influence the cost of your product, packaging, promotion and marketing strategies, distribution channels, and more. But all the costs it will pay off if the consumer is familiar with your products as good quality products.

Consumers are always willing to buy products / services they trust and know previously. A well defined brand gives you a competitive advantage in your niche market. It lets you charge more for your product / service, knowing that consumers will stay loyal, and buy it at the higher cost. That is the result of consistent reinforcing of the brand, which allows positive responses from consumers.

Branding also important to attract new customers. When a customer comes to you because of all they have heard about your product and business, then you can be definite that they are serious about purchasing. When you run branding and marketing campaigns, you are basically throwing out a wide net to attract a huge number of customers. From there your branding marketing guys spend time with those leads to find out who is serious. consumers came about due to a branding strategy that effectively communicated the solution the customer was looking for.

Brand design is an effective way to facilitate the growth of your business. When successfully implemented, branding can give you a strategic position in the market, and finally lead to increased profit. This is achieved because of the inflow of new customers, and the continuing support of existing customers. Branding builds brand loyalty and value, attracts new customers, and makes you different from the competitors. These are all key parts in ensuring the continued profitability of your business.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Branding Strategies

Logo and Brand is a highly influential element in a company. Brand logos serve as an identity that represents the image of a company in the eyes of consumers. Branding is an image. Branding it is not easy, it takes a lot of sacrifice, and therefore branding requires a relatively expensive cost. The payments will be very cheap, if you realize when the future of brand management is far more important, than a little sacrifice for the future that much better. To simplify the process of branding itself, it helps us focus on one direction, namely how to create the impression, and the presumption of good to the audience that we aim at, because it is not easy, and very tiring. As for branding visually, we leave it to the experts. Choose your branding consultant for your internet branding needs wisely and certainly should not be too eager to find the cheapest branding consultants or branding agency, be sure to choose a consultant that is really expert.

What is a branding? Branding is a process that is used by the business owner to utilize marketing strategies to increase their service or product image in order to make it is more readily recollected by the customer. Branding helps the service or product to make a favorable impact on the target customer while the branding concepts help in outlining the guidelines that should be followed during the branding process.

Branding of any service or product ought to follow some constants that help in establishing a brand in the long run. The online branding strategies ought to have the following constants in your branding formula:

Branding ought to be safe
Play safe and do your research in the event you are catering to international audience. In the event you are using symbols in your logo make positive they do not offend the target market in any way or you can chances of shutting your shop before making any sales. Therefore keep the regional and cultural sensibilities in mind in the coursework of the branding process.

Branding ought to be simple
The most popular brands in the world have simple, simple to keep in mind logos. The reason behind this idea is we tend to keep in mind and associate ourselves with simple things and select to ignore complex ideas.

Branding ought to be different
Your brand ought to have individuality, ought to be different. Good brand names ought to stand out from other similar product or service; otherwise the whole idea of branding is lost. Only an individualistic brand makes a mark on the psyche of the target customer and they remembers it when they makes a purchasing decision.

Those are the most important branding ideas which are the basis of all branding processes are brand attributes, brand promise, and brand character. Brand attributes are the features that explain the customer's experience like quality, innovation or customer support. The attributes help the company to deliver the brand promise. A brand promise is a promise or dedication the company makes to its customers. The promise ought to be clearly said and tells about the most important benefit of the product. Brand character is the characteristic the customer experiences when they experience the brand. Thus the essence of the brand is a symbiosis of all.

Personal branding and business branding is very important. But there are so many companies that have not been considered important a branding. They are in a state of deep sleep, or playing with their own world, with competitors underestimating that rapidly growing continuously without them knowing it. And so they are aware when their image is getting worse, outdated, and far behind with their competitors, the company will be in haste or perhaps careless to take shortcuts, while hoping they can be shot over their competitors.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Online Business Optimization Strategies

Running an online business gives entrepreneurs an amazing chance to scale and expand their operations. While offline business requires a physical presence like offices, stores or kiosks in every location, an online business can operate virtually by digital actual estate. Expanding is simple, and scaling businesses can be achieved without the necessity for expensive physical locations.

Still there's some major errors that beginner online entrepreneurs tend to make when they scale their businesses. The road to jogging an online business is paved with lots of potholes, from expanding quickly to moving in all the wrong directions. These strategies are designed to take your business to new heights without countless setbacks and help you accomplish worthwhile business optimization.
1. Focus on marketing before you start your business.
Of the major things my clients need and the make-or-break part of any online business is marketing. The net is crowded, and there is no chance to survive without a massive customer or client base that knows how to find you. The world's most profitable companies invested in marketing before they expanded their businesses.

2. Package & sell your information
Informational products are popular, in the net world. From guides on mastering online business to simple how-to sets for learning a brand spanking new skill, informational products make up a large percentage of online sales. In the event you have got skills that would otherwise only be valuable in a service business, think about turning them in to an information product that you can sell online.

3. Whenever feasible, add products to service businesses
Service businesses are a nice short-term model, but as a long-term earning option alone, they are not. It would be an effective use of your time to generate a product to enhance your sales. The main issue with service businesses is the dearth of scalability and long-term earnings potential. By walking a service business, you are fundamentally tying a value to your time and working to that alone.

4. Set a value for your time
You have set up your online business, invested in some manual & paid promotion options, & have began to earn over $100 a day. The only issue is that it is taking 12 hours to do it. There will be times, when jogging an online business, that you will rack up a impressive every day earnings total. Ignore it. Every day totals are misleading & are not an correct metric for judging online business success.

What is much more valuable is the amount of time that goes in to that income. Set a maximum value for your time, & generate an online business that gives you options on where to spend it. Sometimes services might be worthwhile, other times product-based work might be the best solution. Either way, set a maximum cost for an hour of your time, & design a business that lets you earn above it.

5. Stick to the 80/20 Rule.
Pareto's Principle -known as the 80/20 rule- dictates that 80% of your returns, in this case, business profits will come from 20% of your actions. Your aim in jogging an online business is not to do as much as you can, but to accomplish as much as you can. Focus on the ultra-profitable 20% that contributes to
your business, and eliminate as much of the fluff as you possibly can.


Monday, January 9, 2012

6 Reasons Why New Businesses More Often to Fail

A newly established businesses are usually very vulnerable to failure, especially in the first one to three years. In fact, according to the Small Business Association (SBA) as much as 30% of new businesses fail to reach its second year.

While 50% failed to reach its fifth year, and 66% did not succeed until the tenth year in operation. The results of their study also showed only 25% of businesses that managed to survive until more than fifteen years.

Nevertheless, should not be a business failing for granted. With a plan, appropriate funding and flexibility, a business has a greater chance of success. For that reason you should know the six mistakes that can destroy a business.

1. Did not conduct a market research

Suppose you intend to open an ice cream company, all capital is set up and your intention was unanimous. But you can not see the fact that the current rainy season, when people need a warm meal and not the opposite. In addition, with many brands of ice cream out there, your competition becomes increasingly severe.

Mistakes like these that make you lose before competing. You should be able to find what is required by the market, not to force your product into the market. It would be easier to provide something that is needed rather than having to create something new, and forcing people to spend money on it

2. Business plans that are less mature

A solid and realistic plan that is absolutely needed a business. In that plan, you must load a reasonable target, how to achieve these targets, the prediction problem to be facing, and how resolve the problem.

In achieving these targets, you need a lot of research and surveys. The plan must also contain the cost to business and operational strategies and schedules. You must run the entire plan as well. If you try to deviate from the initial plan, for example, increase spending or change the strategy, you can lead to failure. Unless you find a problem that could kill your business, if not, stick to the original plan.

You should also be able to quickly change the decision. If there is a problem looking for a solution soon, if spending swelled immediately downsize. More and more problems would mean higher the potential failure of your business.

3. Do not have access to additional capital

If you've just opened a business and did not go well, much less capital drag and its business was on the verge of death, you are in a position that is not good to seek a loan.

To prevent it happening, from the beginning you have to be realistic, use existing capital to be able to achieve the targets that have been determined so as to make your cash flow continues to flow. Too much thinking about borrowing for capital in opening a business is not a good start.

4. The location is bad, does not exist on the internet and the lack of sales promotion

The location is bad, of course, be a negative factor for businesses, especially those that rely on customers of pedestrians. But, currently there are more important, namely the existence in cyberspace. The existence of your business on the internet and social networking as important as the original location in the real world. That way, customers will find your business quickly so it's easier to get customers really need in your business. The next step is to start serving them.

The existence is similar to a sales pitch. Not only must you be sure these promotions to customers, but also have the right customer. Make sure you do a sales pitch to people who are interested in your business. Make other people not only like your business, but need and want your business is. Thus, you will be forming a line of loyal customers.

5. Be lulled by success

Once you formulate a plan, running a business and get a customer base do not be too satisfied with the results. It may be that it is too early to feel satisfied. Continue to monitor the market situation and find out whether you should change your business plan.

Being in the position most needed to make you have plenty of time to maintain the strategy so that it can remain successful. Do not feel satisfied if you can not change the world.

6. Too fast to expand

If your business has begun to run well and headed towards success, it's time to expand. But, how you expand the business to be the same as building a business from scratch. Do not be hasty and too confident in opening a branch for your business.

Make sure you find the right markets and regions to expand. If you are planning to diversify its products, not to deviate from the initial business lines, or you will be stuck in forming a new business like starting from scratch again.

If a business grows too fast and did not follow some of the above points, such as market research, strategy and business plan is good, then the business can quickly drown.


Although the average new business, usually small and medium businesses, rarely last long does not mean your business will fail just like that. Through planning and flexibility, you can avoid these mistakes over and become part of the 25% that survived more than 15 years in business.


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