Thursday, December 22, 2011

Helping Local Businesses To Make More Money

If you require an simple way to earn an additional income but do not have a product to sell then becoming a consultant to local businesses could provide the ideal solution for you.

Lots of local businesses are sadly struggling at the moment due to the economic downturn and every local business would welcome advice on how to reduce their promotion costs and to increase their sales/customers. That is where you could help by becoming a consultant to them. It is simple to find businesses in your area that might benefit from your services basically by looking through your local business listing, newspapers or on Google maps. You could then either contact them by phone to set up an appointment with them or you could direct mail them with details of the services that you offer and the way it may benefit them. There are lots of ways that you can get money from advising local businesses including:

Provide SEO package
Every business wishes more customers. Having lovely SEO can provide regular customers/business. Without it your business will fail as nobody will be aware that your website exits. Therefore however powerful your product or service is, it won't sell in the event you do not get any visitors to your site. As you accomplish more results you will then be able to go on to bigger clients with bigger budgets.

If you can help a local business to receive a high rating on Google then that business owner will be over happy to continue to pay you each week to make definite that they continue to attract new customers & increase sales. In case you are not an professional in SEO you could outsource it to another company & still make a nice profit from your customer in much the same way that they import goods from other countries if they can receive the product cheaper that way. As well as offering SEO packages you could also offer to provide new businesses with a web-site promoting their local company.

Reduce promotion costs
All businesses are currently looking for ways to reduce marketing costs and would welcome somebody to advise them on how to accomplish it. powerful way to accomplish it, that makes use of the most effective and up to date means to promote their services to the masses, is through mobile promotion. Mobile promotion offers plenty of simple ways to help local businesses to generate consistent sales whether it is to fill empty tables in a restaurant, to reduce broken appointments for doctors or dental practices or even to draw in customers from the forecourt in to the automobile showroom by using Bluetooth. There's lots of low cost training packages available that can equip you with all you need to know on how to promote these services to local business
and make an additional income simultaneously.

Promote on social networking sites
Social networking now offers of the lowest priced and most powerful means of promotion so why not offer local businesses advice on how to actively promote their services or products using this means. For example you could show a restaurant how to sell more meals by offering a special promotion on face book. Chinese restaurant sold two days produce in two hours basically by offering free crackers to the first customers to turn up in its restaurant in fancy dress costumes on Halloween.

Joint Ventures
For the more experienced and ambitious amongst you there's sizable amounts of money to be made by becoming a broker for joint ventures. A joint venture is the arrangement of mutual benefit between or more people or businesses that have complimentary resources that can be products, services, business assets or lists. Therefore what better way of making money than basically being the middle man in bringing people or businesses together. For example you could arrange to connect a product owner with list owners. Or you could bring together a company that will permit its call center staff to be used by another individual that has a service or product but cannot afford the sales staff.

If you are looking for ways to earn extra funds by working from home, becoming a consultant to local business can provide a lovely solution for you. Providing net promotion services to local businesses is of the quickest and simplest ways to make consistent funds on line and helping local businesses can also help you.

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