Friday, October 14, 2011

Target Marketing in Blogging

Media campaign and socialization is not just newspapers. Promotion can be done using audio and visual media so that the message we convey striking faster. Blog can be used to help your business performance. Blogs can be used as a tool of communication with customers, increase brand companies and attract new customers. To get a good result, it would require a good concept when creating a business blog. There should also be a target of your blog's existence.

Target Marketing can be applied to many areas of blogging, but I will only talking about two specific areas that I think it is very important.

1. Traffic

Traffic is the pulse of online business activity. Good blog without any major traffic only will be less meaningful. But traffic was not enough, you must also target a good conversion rate. So, you should focus your traffic building plans to the market segments that will deliver the highest conversion rate. For example, if you place an ad on a site that is in no way relevant to yours, then there is less of a chance that the site’s audience will be interested in your ad. Conversely, if you advertise on a relevant site then your ad will garner more attention from an already interested audience.

Secondly by sending only targeted traffic to your site, your conversion rates will be greatly improved because your visitors are more likely to stick around. As opposed to non targeted visitors who will quickly quit from your blog because they doesn’t like it and then leave it.

2. Writing

When you are trying to appeal to a certain market segment then your blog’s content should reflect this. By made your content specifically to your target market, there is a bigger chance that it will engage them and more visitors will become regular readers or other goals you might wish to achieve. A great example of this is the level of technical language you use; if your target market isn’t Internet savvy then you should avoid use jargon that they will not understand. On the other hand if you audience is quite knowledgeable on your blog’s topic, then you shouldn’t waste time explaining simple details to them which they already know and therefore will not be engaging to them.

Target marketing is an essential technique for any successful business and business blogging is no different, by matching the right content with the right visitors you'll get the right results. Anyone can argue that people will buy based on logic. But the fact is many people always buy because of emotion. Emotion that guides them. We all choose something that fits with us in every way. How could you possibly make the prospect feel comfortable with you if you do not know them. Therefore effective communication is very essential.

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Dawn Conklin October 25, 2011 at 5:50 AM  

Great post! Target marketing is very important. My blogs that are on topic see more traffic then my other blogs. My other blogs have various topics and posts.
Marketing to an engaged audience is very important in order to see a nice flow of traffic. Another key point would be to make sure your ad is specific to what your site is about. If it isn't, you may get visitors but no sales or repeat visitors as people will be expecting something different by the ad.

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