Friday, September 9, 2011

Selling Through Twitter is Liked : Survey

Based on recent survey, twitter users rated pleased to see the ads in their page.

The Lab42 survey studied by in the United States prove only 10.9 percent of Twitter users who hate the ads on their page. A total of 24.8 percent of Twitter users take advantage of the official account to see their favorite brand promotion. In fact, 14 percent of respondents actually had re-tweet promotion of the brand.
This study showed that Twitter is a promising ad field. Twitter has already welcomed to this potential by providing advertising channel. Later there will be promotions on Twitter based on area. Twitter provides to offer ads in every page.

The survey from eMarketer reported that there were 11.1 percent of Twitter users who follow certain brands tweets. A total of 17.4 percent of users simply follow friend tweets. As for the 15.6 percent claimed to find things funny on Twitter, and 15.1 percent joined Twitter to get news.

The survey results also show that most Twitter users in the United States following an official account of up to 10 brands of a product.

This study is certainly very interesting for Twitter. Because Twitter users do not turn away just because an increasing number of ads. However, keep in mind for companies who want to advertise on Twitter should be a focus to balance the number of ads in the tweet with the interaction with its users. It is a requirement if companies want to keep their followers -potential customers.


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